Relatos Relato 234n (Evento 234-2023)

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NomeJoseph M
Grau de Experiência3/5
ObservaçõesI was driving north. This appeared to be nearly a direct path towards the ground, it was not shallow, and it was bloody fast. Lasted about 3-4 seconds, long enough for me to a yell two-word expletive over an ongoing phone call. It left an after image / retina burn like looking into a headlight. It was *brighter* than the oncoming car's headlights, but not bright enough to cast shadows. I am unsure if it was big and far or small and close. Due to driving + after image, I'm unsure if it broke apart. It dimmed after the bright flash and I did see a smaller glowing dot continue down. Brightness was sort of like ---------(())- - - -, with spacing of - being consistency of the trail and () being the flash. It looked like it made it to the ground but it could of just been remains vaporizing I guess.I said the main flash was slightly brighter than a full moon. Best I can say really is it was brighter than a firework but not as bright as the sun. Looked like a magnesium fireball that might have been a bollide.I'd like someone to reach out to me if this was caught on any cameras or if any sensors picked it up. My fiance who was on the phone at the time refuses to believe me.
EndereçoCantonment, FL
Latitude30° 32' 20,98'' N (30,54°)
Longitude 87° 18' 46,55'' W (-87,31°)
Hora e Duração
Data & Hora Local13/01/2023 20:00 CST
Data & Hora Universal14/01/2023 02:00 UT
Direção que se moveuDa esquerda alta para direita baixa
Ângulo de descida171°
De frente ao azimute0,49°
Primeiro azimute352,81°
Primeira elevação74°
Último azimute0,48°
Última elevação20°
Brilho e cor(es)
Magnitude estelar-17
CorLight Blue, Green, Light Green, Light Yellow, White
Som Simultâneo
Som com atraso
Rastro de poeira (persistente)
Explosão no final
ObservaçõesStarted out bright green and got extremely bright light green/blue/yellow in a flash. It was bright enough that it left after-glow in my retina, because i happened to be staring right at it, but not bright enough to light up the area. Unsure of fragmentation or sound, I was driving. Unsure of trails, to quick and bright.